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Adult Novel

About Pricks, Cunts, Motherfuckers

The adult novel about New York City.

Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers may be the most blunt novel ever written! This book seethes with all the racial and class tensions that boil in that big beautiful rotten apple on the East Coast.

Wolf Larsen has lived in New York City on and off for years. Wolf knows the urban delirium called New York City. He has set that crazed delirium into a funny adult novel called Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers.

The main character Bernie (a white man) moves to New York from the Midwest. He begins dating a beautiful black woman named Sandra. In spite of being harassed by black men wherever they go Sandra and Bernie have a great time together.

The adult novel Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers is immoral, blasphemous, sleazy, and blunt. The pages drip and ooze with all those wonderful sins of drinking, drugging, and fucking. Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers captures the human animal set in New York City with all the urges of sex and violence seething within millions of homo sapiens that hate and lust for each other.


Adult Novel

An excerpt from Pricks, Cunts, & Motherfuckers
By Wolf Larsen

I was jacking off. I was fantasizing of the neighbor's wife again - and then I'm fantasizing of her teenage daughter and then some woman I came inside of a year before on a one night stand and now I'm shooting my babies all over my hand and the sheets.

I pulled up my pants, grabbed my big backpack, and I walked out the door of my home for the last time. I was leaving home for good! I went to the corner and waited for the bus - or the big turtle as I like to call it. I smiled. I was so happy that this was the last time I would be waiting for that #&*&@*#% of a big turtle or bus.

At the bus stop was a big pair of tits, an old man that was about to die, and some fat black woman that yelled at her little son that she was gonna smack him.

On the bus was some fresh female thing on the verge of losing her virginity - you could just feel it. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other for a pleasant moment. She just wanted that hot squirt-squirt-squirt in between her legs so bad, she just couldn't help it. She had that need that gigantic desire that we all have.

Her smile and her face was in my head as I looked away. All that naiveté in her smile and all over her face was about to get hit over and over with the punches of reality. That's just the way life is.

As the bus stopped and moved and roared there was that tens!ion ten!sion ten!sion between white people and black people on the crowded bus. Between the races the tension of hatred and desire all mixed together like something that tastes both bitter and sweet. Crowded bodies rubbed and moved together with the rhythm of the turning-stopping-going bus. Between the whites and blacks was that urge to stab each other violently with their eyes, and also to stab each other passionately with their genitals. The racial tension and lust was plastered over with all the nice fake decorum they could muster.

I watched my old neighborhood pass by the window. My neighborhood looked like a bunch of ugly vomit. I had been living my whole life in a big stinking pile of vomit and I didn't even realize it. I decided then and there I was never coming back, not even to visit.

My family? My "friends"? Should I keep in touch with them? <Hell, naw> I decided.

At the AmTurtle train station I was happy. I was also worried. I had a one-way ticket to New York City in my hand, and all my worldly possessions in a pack on my back. I felt a thrilling everything all jumping and jumping inside of me.

On the train some ugly fat girl about my age sat next to me. We smiled at each other. Ugly and fat she certainly was - but she had a p*ssy and that's what mattered.

I watched my ugly dirty Rust Belt hometown pass by outside the window. This was a place where for generations hard work had been rewarded with a first world standard of living. But the factories had closed and now it was it was just a big toilet of boarded up homes, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. There was nothing to do here now but get addicted to drugs and alcohol, get killed or go to jail, or join the army and get killed abroad instead.

The closed down factories and boarded up homes ended and the train was completely surrounded by cornfields. God knows how many Midwesterners were conceived in the backseat of some parked automobile completely surrounded by those wonderful cornfields. Then the train passed by the new state penitentiary.

Copyright 2006 by Wolf Larsen


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